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Hello and thank you for your inquiry and consideration of Smartec, LLC as your technology consultant and for your high-tech projects.

Smartec, LLC is just that…Smart Technology. Our mission is simple: provide our clients with technologically advanced solutions that are understandable, maintainable, and expandable. Our goal is to enhance your project’s profitability, productivity, efficiency, and margin.

We take confidentiality very seriously. If necessary, before we start a project we will do a conflict search. If there are no conflicts, we will suggest a confidentiality agreement. This agreement can be supplied by your firm or ours. The confidentiality agreement ensures that neither party will use or share each others intellectual property. We believe strongly in safeguarding our client’s products and information.

Smartec, LLC provides technologies for business, manufacturing, products, inventions, design, and research & development within the construction, medical, information technology, defense, aviation, energy, and many other fields. Smartec, LLC provides solutions when it comes to software engineering, systems engineering, electrical engineering, wireless networks and devices, communications, and general problem solving. We use our physics, engineering, mathematics, and computer science knowledge to provide tomorrow’s technology today.

Again, thank you for your consideration and confidence in Smartec, LLC and we look forward to working with you.

Seth Berl
Owner, Smartec, LLC

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